Did you know: Albert Einstein Had Speech Difficulty as a Child
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    The people of Switzerland were not always free and happy as they are to-day. Many years ago a proud tyrant, whose name was Gessler, ruled over them, and made their lot a bitter one indeed.

    One day this tyrant set up a tall pole in the public square, and put his own cap on the top of it, and then he gave orders that every man who came into the town should bow down before it. But there was one man, named William Tell, who would not do this. He stood up straight with folded arms, and laughed at the swinging cap. He would not bow down to Gessler himself.

    When Gessler heard of this, he was very angry. He was afraid that other men would disobey, and that soon the whole country would rebel against him. So he made up his mind to punish the bold man.

    William Tell’s home was among the mountains, and he was a famous hunter. No one in all the land could shoot with bow and arrow so well as he. Gessler knew this, and so he thought of a cruel plan to make the hunter’s own skill bring him to grief. He ordered that Tell’s little boy should be made to stand up in the public square with an apple on his head, and then he bade Tell shoot the apple with one of his arrows.

    Tell begged the tyrant not to have him make this test of his skill. What if the boy should move? What if the bowman’s hand should tremble? What if the arrow should not carry true?

    “Will you make me kill my boy?” he said.

    “Say no more,” said Gessler. “You must hit the apple with your one arrow. If you fail, my soldiers shall kill the boy before your eyes.”

    Then, without another word, Tell fitted the arrow to his bow. He took aim, and let it fly. The boy stood firm and still. He was not afraid, for he had all faith in his father’s skill.

    The arrow whistled through the air. It struck the apple fairly in the center, and carried it away. The people who saw it shouted with joy.

    As Tell was turning away from the place, an arrow which he had hidden under his coat dropped to the ground.

    “Fellow!” cried Gessler, “what mean you with this second arrow?”

    “Tyrant!” was Tell’s proud answer, “this arrow was for your heart if I had hurt my child.”

    And there is an old story, that, not long after this, Tell did shoot the tyrant with one of his arrows, and thus he set his country free.


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    DON QUIXOTE de la MANCHA Don Quixote liked to read. He liked to read a lot. He liked to read so much that he pretty much stopped doing everything else. This is not a good idea unless you are very rich, and he was not. He lived on a farm that had once been fairly prosperous and large, but in addition to ignoring his daily chores, he had begun to sell off pieces of his property in order to buy more books. But the real problem seemed to be his choice of books. He read every book about knights and knight-errantry he could get his paws on.

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  • The Fortunate Fish

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    Once upon a time, King Brahmadatta had a very wise adviser who understood the speech of animals. He understood what they said, and he could speak to them in their languages.

    One day the adviser was wandering along the riverbank with his followers. They came upon some fishermen who had cast a big net into the river. While peering into the water, they noticed a big handsome fish who was following his pretty wife.
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  • The Golden Plate (Greed and Honesty)

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    Once upon a time in a place called Seri, there were two salesmen of pots and pans and hand-made trinkets. They agreed to divide the town between them. They also said that after one had gone through his area, it was all right for the other to try and sell where the first had already been. One day, while one of them was coming down a street, a poor little girl saw him and asked her grandmother to buy her a bracelet. Read the rest of this entry »

  • The Tree That Acted Like a Hunter

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    Once upon a time, there was an antelope who lived in the deep forest. He ate the fruits that fell from the trees. There was one tree that had become his favorite.

    In the same area there was a hunter who captured and killed antelopes and deer. He put down fruit as bait under a tree. Then he waited, hiding in the branches above. He held a rope noose hanging down to the ground around the fruits. When an animal ate the fruit, the hunter tightened the noose and caught him.
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