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  • Pocket Modelling kit

    Posted on September 28th, 2014 rudrarup No comments

    Matchstick Model (Diamond)Organic and inorganic chemistry has been a very tricky subject for all students. You have to imagine the structure of the molecule. We have been allways doing them on the black boards. Drawing those complex 3 dimensional structures on a 2 dimensional surface can not provide us with ample structural benifits for the students to imagine the structure.

    Why not  make a cheap modelling system that can be made with daily house hold items, which can provide the students with lots of fun and in the same time teach them model making.

    Things Required:

    Match sticks
    Cycle Valve tube
    Large sewing needle or tweezers(parental guidance is adviced while using sharp tools)
    A tin can or a container to store everything in place


    How is it made:

     Cut the valve tube in 1 inch pieces. Cut a little more than you think required.
    Cut of the lighting tip of the match sticks.
    These things will be the base of the project. So make as many as you can.

    Pierce a hole in one of the valve tube pieces.
    Pass another valve tube through the hole to get a connector of 4. Make as many as you will require.

    Pass another valve tube to get a connector of 6. Make as many as you will require.

    Put everything together in a container so that nothing is lying around.
    How is it used:
    This is a basic model that can be made. In this model I used just the 2 point connector. But you can use 4 point connecor or 6 point connector. Just leave 1 connection loose without the match stick.Play around and have fun!
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