Did you know: Galileo discovered lunar mountains and craters
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  • Little Prince No-Father

    Posted on July 23rd, 2012 rudrarup No comments

    (The Power of Truth)
    Once upon a time, the King of Benares went on a picnic in the forest. The beautiful flowers and trees and fruits made him very happy. As he was enjoying their beauty, he slowly went deeper and deeper into the forest. Before long, he became separated from his companions and realized that he was all alone.
    Then he heard the sweet voice of a young woman. She was singing as she collected firewood.. To keep from being afraid of being alone in the forest, the king followed the sound of the lovely voice. When he finally came upon the singer of the songs, he saw that she was a beautiful fair young woman, and immediately fell in love with her. They became very friendly, and the king became the father of the firewood woman’s child.
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