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  • National Education Day on 11/11/11?

    Posted on November 14th, 2011 rudrarup No comments

    Do we know that 11 November is the National Education day in India? People are hyped up for this day only for the not so important reasons. Most of us would not have even heard of it, very few would be even aware of it. The question is where we even aware of this day or the state of education in our country? Here are some glaring facts:

    1) 81 lakh children in our country are out of school.
    2) The education spending for our country is 4.1 per cent of our GDP, making us 82 out of 132 countries in a global index.
    3) In the education primary completion rate, we stand at 71 out of 148 countries.
    4) In the public spending per student at the primary school level, we stand at 107 out of 126 countries.

    5) In female enrollment in the secondary level, we stand at 152 out of 170 countries in the world with numerous developing countries ahead of us.

    These facts reflect the state of affairs in our country in some aspects of the education system. The counter argument to any debate on education within our country is the story of engineering and the IIT’s. There is no doubt that the IIT’s have produced successful engineers who have spread their wings across the globe. There has been enormous growth in certain aspects of the education sector but that can’t be a reason for not prioritizing and being aware of the need to help educate people right? It is also a fact that these engineers who graduate out of these elite institutions are a minority in a nation of 1.2 billion people.

    Large parts of India do not have fundamental education and the access can only be done when there is awareness and a need to educate the masses who are at the bottom of the social spectrum.

    Education needs to come from bottom up in the social order. It needs to be extended to people who are below the poverty line so that literary rates are increased in the country. There has to be ways to improve the quality of basic education to women and the underprivileged. While there have been many measures, one among the significant ones has been the development of the Aakash tablet. This tablet provides a perfect platform to bridge the education divide using the latest technology in town. This tablet obviously cannot cater to the I pad’s of the world but it provides the sufficient technology for a rural youngster to learn and embrace technology to enhance education. The Right to Education act is also legislation in the right direction to create a more literal society. However, a lot more needs to be done and that can be accelerated by the awareness among the common people on the need for greater educational systems.
    It’s about giving to the needy in society. It’s about understanding the significance of the National Education day. It’s about being sensitive to the reality that a lot more needs to be done especially in the primary education sector. It’s about appreciating the progress yet acknowledging the work left to be done in the education sector. It’s about prioritizing education on the top of our lists over various other issues that are frivolous in comparison. It’s also about understanding that this priority can impact and change the lives of many people who have not seen a book till date in their lives. It’s about this impact and nothing else.

    To sum it up, on day like November 11, we need to be talking about how we can improve education rather than wondering whether Aishwarya Rai would give birth to a baby; that would be the first step in creating a more educated society for India in the future.

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